A website without a Call to Action (CTA) is a website without a purpose. Plain and simple. Sure, you can create a website with unique and educational content, but you need to have a CTA in order to grow your business. Whether you’re looking to sell your products, increase your social media followers, or promote your B2B service, you’re going to need a clear and compelling call to action. In this article, we take a look at exactly what a website CTA is, and why it’s probably way more important than you think.

What is a website CTA?

So, what is a website call to action anyway? A website call to action or a CTA may be included in many different forms throughout your website, including in banners, images, and in text within blog posts.

Paldesk gives us their definition of a website CTA:

“A call to action (CTA) is a marketing term relating to the next step that a marketer wants to take with their audience or readers. CTAs can be typically placed anywhere within your marketing, website, blog, email, or even within a blog post. One helpful method for getting people to act right away is to add a feeling of urgency and FOMO, such as the sentence “limited time offer.”

Why is a CTA important?

The goal of a CTA is to prompt customers to take immediate action, and to be redirected to the right page in order to do so. A clear and concise CTA will take customers right from the consideration stage into the decision making stage, but must be well-designed in order to be successful.

Oberlo tells us more about why a CTA is important:

“Strategic calls-to-action (CTAs) can help you guide your visitors through the buying journey and directly impact your conversion rates. A really effective CTA will do wonders at drawing visitors’ attention, piquing their interest, and eloquently guiding them through the signup process.”

How to effectively design a CTA

Did you know that the most effective call to action buttons are ones that leverage human psychology? For example, if opting for a CTA button, then the size, shape, color, button text, and placement all must work together in order to prompt your reader to give it a click. However, anchor text CTAs can also be incredibly effective in grabbing a reader’s attention.

Intuitive Digital tells us more about how anchor text CTAs work well for blog pages:

“For blog pages in particular, including text with a hyperlink is a great way to send readers to another landing page to view more content, download a useful resource, or get in contact with a company. Anchor text often appears more genuine to readers and may be one of the reasons it performs better than image CTAs for blog posts.”

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