Why Your B2B Company Needs a Blog

Are you a B2B service business owner that is looking to take your online presence to the next level? Developing a marketing strategy as a B2B company can be a challenge, as you are marketing your products to customers who already know all the tricks of the trade – other businesses. So, how do you produce a more subtle content strategy that builds your authority online, while convincing potential customers of your value? By starting a B2B business blog. In this article, we take a look at why a high-trafficked business blog is one of the best marketing strategies out there for B2B businesses, and how it can produce the most qualified leads and the most effortless conversions.

Blogging is Your Best SEO Weapon

Many years ago, blogging used to be used as a way to simply improve search engine rankings. Now, Google has changed the way it ranks content, giving your blog a much greater opportunity at scoring a higher ranking on their search engine results – if you’re consistent with your content, of course.

Spiralytics tells us more about how blogging can be your best SEO weapon:

“Through your blog, you’re able to introduce relevant keywords onto the pages of your site. Then with your blog content, you have something to share on social media and to build up your credibility as an industry leader. Last but not least, by being a blogger, you’re able to reach out to influencers, build relationships, and earn links. Needless to say, schemy SEO tricks won’t do your blog any good. What you need is a well-thought-out and consistent blogging strategy, so that Google will continue to crawl your pages and increase your website’s visibility.”

A B2B Blog Helps You Attract More Qualified Leads

Attracting qualified leads is important for growing your B2B business. However, if you’re not attracting the right types of buyers to your website, all your hard work may be for nothing. This is where blogging comes in. When you blog about specific topics that are relevant to your target buyer, you are able to attract leads that have a higher chance of converting.

Lyfe Marketing explains more on why a B2B blog can help you attract more qualified leads:

“For instance, let’s say that your business is a software company that provides a product to help eCommerce brands work more efficiently. You do some keyword research and find out that one of the biggest issues for eCommerce businesses is cart abandonment. You then decide to publish a series of blogs on how eCommerce brands can decrease cart abandonment rates. When you write about topics like this that are specific to your target audience, you work to attract exactly the type of buyers that are perfect for your brand. By writing about niche topics that appeal to your target buyers, you help ensure that those leads coming to your site are right for your product or service.”

B2B Blogs Drive Long-Term Results

There are several immediate reasons why you should establish a blog for your B2B business – but none more so than the fact a blog can help drive long-term results – without constantly spending money on paid advertisements. While paid advertisements and PPC marketing will give you results only if you keep spending money, B2B blogs allow you to benefit from long-term results while virtually earning leads in your sleep.

FabrikBrands.com tells us more on how B2B blogs can drive long-term results:

“Once you publish a B2B blog post, it’s out there, in the world, constantly working for your brand. It ranks in the search engines, and that means for years to come, you can continue to get traffic and leads from that same post. Everything you write as part of your B2B marketing strategy becomes a long-term investment in authority, and leads.”

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