Why Do B2B Content Marketing Strategies Fail?

While word of mouth is still one of the best ways for B2B companies to grow their client base, more and more customers are turning to digital channels in order to find a solution to their problem. So this should make content marketing a breeze, right? Wrong! While content marketing can be incredibly effective in bringing new customers to your website, you may quickly lose them if you do not have a strategy put in place. In this article, we take a look at some of the top B2B content marketing downfalls, and why your content isn’t performing as well as you’d hoped.

You’re Creating Content That Isn’t Relevant to the Target Audience

While you may be pumping out content like there’s no tomorrow, the content you’re creating just may not be relevant enough to your target audience. If you’re not writing about subjects that your target audience wants to hear about, then not only are you not going to see leads but there will be little to no chance of those leads turning into conversions.

Hinge Marketing tells us more on why simply producing content is not enough:

“The most foundational reason that content fails is when it’s not important or relevant to the target audience. Content won’t perform in the way I described above when it’s written only in the context of what you know and what’s important to you. It’s only when you produce content that intersects what you know with your clients’ key priorities that it can be truly relevant.”

You’re Creating But Not Promoting

So, you’re creating all the right content, and focusing on all the right subjects to bring in your target audience. But what happens when you don’t promote your content? While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an incredibly valuable part of bringing in traffic to your website, so is promoting your content via the countless other platforms that you have available to you.

Neil Patel explains why it’s not enough to focus on search engine optimization when it comes to promoting your content:

“Don’t be anti-social! Creating content and then simply publishing it on your blog and calling it a day is about as effective as not creating the content. Promotion is the major component of content marketing. There are countless ways to promote your content, from social media to email marketing to referral links and beyond. If you’re creating but not promoting, your content marketing will become a flop. Once you choose how and where you want to market your content, make sure that you give love to each channel you’ve chosen. Consistency is key when publishing content on your social media and blog.”

You Don’t Have a Publishing Schedule

Not having a consistent publishing schedule is another reason why B2B content marketing strategies fail. There are many important reasons why publishing content on a daily or weekly basis is necessary for your content marketing efforts to be a success, but none more important than establishing and maintaining your online presence.

Grazitti Interactive tells us more about why sticking to a consistent publishing schedule is so important:

“Having an ambitious publishing schedule is one of the toughest challenges for content marketers. You may even be evaluated on it. With companies producing so much content, there is tremendous pressure to publish as much content as possible. There are numerous how-to guides, blogs, and whitepapers that indicate how important it is to publish at least once per day to make your content marketing strategy a huge success. However, maintaining this publishing schedule can be a nightmare even for the most seasoned content writer.”

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