Why Blogging is Still the #1 B2B Marketing Tactic

Yes, it’s true – blogging is close to celebrating its 30th birthday. Even though blogging isn’t as fresh and new as Instagram or TikTok, there’s a good reason why it has never wavered in popularity for B2B businesses. 89% of content marketers reported using blog posts in their content creation strategy in 2020, with that number only expected to increase in 2021. So, with the ever-rising power and popularity of social media, why do blogs have such staying power for B2B marketers? Let’s take a look at why blogging is still the #1 marketing tactic for B2B marketers.

Blogging Allows For Regular and Timely Conversations

While the nature of social media is communicating with your audience in a regular and timely manner, it’s safe to say that your space for expressing your best ideas is limited. Blogging gives you a time-stamped space where you can regularly share information with your followers without having to hold back. Plus, with the right SEO practices put in place, your posts will be able to be searched and found by search engines years after initially publishing them.

Sugar Market tells us more about the benefits of blogging when it comes to regularly conversing  with your target audience:

“In order to attract visitors to your blog, you need to update it frequently, but that’s not the only reason to post new content often. Having a blog ensures you have a place where you can regularly converse and share ideas, tips, etc. with your target audience. Sure, you can do the same on social media, but not to the same extent that you can on a blogging platform (try fitting your top 10 best practices into 140 characters and you’ll understand). Similarly, blogging allows for more timely conversations than other types of content like white papers because blog posts are time-stamped content and because you can typically publish new posts fairly quickly.”

Blogging Allows You to Connect With Different Audiences

Blogging is an ideal way to tailor content to more than one buyer persona. Blogging gives you the space to be able to attract multiple different audiences with well-written pieces of information that are specifically tailored to them. 

Influence & Co. tells us more about why blogging gives you the freedom to not only choose your own topics but decide who each blog post is tailored to:

“For your blog content to be effective, it’s got to be aligned with your ideal customers — in other words, your buyer personas. When you’re brainstorming topics, consider what interests them and what pain points they’re communicating to you and your sales team. Write about those things.”

A B2B Blog Helps You Attract More Qualified Leads

Taking the time to research titles and then read a blog post takes much more time than scrolling through a social media feed. Those who find your website through the information you offer will attract the kind of leads that are more likely to lead to conversions.

Lyfe Marketing explains why blogging can help a B2B company attract the right kind of buyers.

“Not only does blogging help you bring more leads back to your site, but it helps improve the quality of those leads. When you blog about topics that are relevant to your ideal buyer, you are working to attract more of the right types of buyers to your site.”

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