In the world of digital marketing, local businesses need to stay ahead of the competition by optimizing their online presence. Local keyword research tools play a crucial role in identifying relevant search terms and uncovering valuable insights. However, with a plethora of options available, choosing the right local keyword research tool can be daunting. 


In this article, we will explore some of the top local keyword research tools for 2023. By understanding their features and benefits, you can make an informed decision and unlock the true potential of local SEO.


Google Keyword Planner


As a widely used and trusted tool, Google Keyword Planner provides valuable data for local keyword research. It offers insights on search volumes, competition, and suggested bid prices. And with its ability to filter keywords by location, businesses can target specific geographic areas effectively. 


Furthermore, the tool offers historical data and keyword trend analysis, helping businesses stay up-to-date with the latest search trends in their local market.




SEMrush is a comprehensive SEO tool that includes a powerful keyword research feature. It allows users to analyze keywords based on specific locations, enabling businesses to identify local search opportunities. The tool also provides valuable information such as search volume, keyword difficulty, and competitive analysis. 


Additionally, SEMrush offers features like competitor research, backlink analysis, and site auditing, making it a versatile tool for optimizing overall SEO strategies.


Moz Keyword Explorer


Moz Keyword Explorer is another popular choice for local keyword research. With its user-friendly interface, businesses can uncover relevant keywords and analyze their potential impact. 


The tool provides insights on search volume, difficulty, and organic CTR (Click-Through Rate), and even offers valuable suggestions for related keywords and long-tail variations. And perhaps most importantly, Moz Keyword Explorer provides local-specific metrics, making it an ideal choice for businesses targeting specific regions.


Ahrefs Keywords Explorer


Ahrefs Keywords Explorer is a comprehensive tool that offers robust features for local keyword research. It provides data on search volume, keyword difficulty, and traffic potential. But that’s not all! The tool also offers in-depth competitor analysis, allowing businesses to gain insights into their competitors’ top-ranking keywords. 


With its advanced filtering options, businesses can target specific locations and uncover local keyword opportunities. This makes Ahrefs Keywords Explorer a valuable tool for businesses looking to optimize their local SEO strategies.




Ubersuggest is a popular keyword research tool that provides businesses with keyword suggestions, search volume data, and keyword difficulty analysis. It also offers insights into related keywords, content ideas, and domain analysis. 


Another tool with the option to filter keywords by location, Ubersuggest enables businesses to identify local search trends and optimize their content accordingly. And with both free and paid options,Ubersuggest is a cost-effective option for businesses starting their local SEO journey.


The Bottom Line


Choosing the right local keyword research tool is essential for unlocking the potential of local SEO in 2023. Whether it’s Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Moz Keyword Explorer, Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, or Ubersuggest, each tool offers unique features to help businesses identify local search opportunities and optimize their online presence.


So what are you waiting for? Choose a tool and start harnessing the power of local keyword research today!


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