Tips on How to Stay Relevant Online

Staying relevant online means keeping up with the latest trends, content marketing strategies, and the newest social media platforms. And if you have fallen behind in any of these areas, you can find yourself playing catch-up at a time where you should be producing quality content.

In a world where you leave a digital footprint everywhere you go, your website, social media accounts, and email distribution list can have a big impression on your relevance online. By not maximizing these areas, you are significantly reducing your relevance, and not allowing your business to live up to its full potential.

So how do you stay relevant online? Here are some tips that will help you!

Post Content on Social Media

The right formula for posting on social media lies somewhere between not too often and not too seldom. Clear as mud, right?

That’s because many social media platforms, Facebook especially, have algorithms that play a role in who sees your posts and the type of interaction that is likely to occur when it is seen. Social media algorithms can play a major role in determining who sees your content and who doesn’t, so it’s important to understand how often you should post for the number of followers you have.

Kolowich Cox with Hubspot says:

“We found that organizations with more Facebook followers tend to get more interaction with each of their posts. Pages with over 10,000 followers were the only ones for whom posting more often increased the number of clicks per post. Companies with less than 10,000 followers that post more than 60 times a month receive 60% fewer clicks per post than those companies that post 5 or fewer times a month.”

The good news is that social media has now created a feature where you can schedule a specific time and date to publish a post. This means you can create your content ahead of time without having to log onto social media each time you want to create a post. That way, you can schedule the appropriate amount of posts for the number of followers you have.

Follow the Latest Trends

Remember a few years ago when you couldn’t scroll Facebook without seeing a cooking video, and then the next thing you realized was that everyone was making cooking videos? They were popular because everyone loved them and there had never been anything like it posted on social media before.

Those are the types of trends you need to follow to stay relevant but don’t focus on just one type of trend. It’s important to mix up your content so that your followers don’t get bored with the content you post. Your followers will lose interest if you post the same type of content repeatedly, so incorporate different trends.

Your content shouldn’t be limited to just one social media platform. Facebook is becoming less popular with millennials and Gen Z, and apps like TikTok have begun to take over. Branch out and connect your social media accounts so that you target audiences of all age groups.

Marly Broudie with explains further:

“TikTok is the newest trend in social media with more than 1.5 billion downloads on the App Store and Google Play and more than 500 million active monthly users. The largest demographic of TikTok users is between the ages of 16 and 24. But if you think TikTok is just a fad for Generation Z, think again. Since its inception in 2018, TikTok has evolved from a video-creation app solely meant for users to express their creativity to a marketing and advertising haven.”

Don’t Lose Sight of Your Target Audience

It can be easy to get caught up in trying to reach people of all types and age groups, but it’s important not to forget who your main target audience is. While it’s recommended to incorporate the latest trends into your posts, you should always remember to stay original and post content that pertains to you, your business, and what you can offer to those who discover you.

Ben Sailor with says:

“Plan to develop your audience personas so you can picture your audience as you write for them. This doesn’t have to be robust; it serves as a tool to help you focus your content on the right messaging.”

If you need help creating content that will keep you relevant among today’s fierce competition, let help! Check out the different packages that has to offer. We will be glad to help you create content to help you stay relevant online.

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