A few years ago, blogs and social networks were two totally separate concepts. It was even thought that social networks were going to replace blogs. Today, blogs and social networks not only coexist but can work together and complement each other.

Here is how you can use social platforms to write and promote your blog:

Step 1
Find the ideal social networks to advertise your blog

Step 2
Find and analyze your target audience

Step 3
Estimate the amount of traffic to your social networks

Step 4
Republish old content from your blog

Step 5
Add share buttons to your blog


Find the Ideal Social Networking Platforms to Advertise your Blog

There are a lot of massive and niche social media platforms available today. Niche-based social networks offer various opportunities for you to advertise your blog on all platforms. To estimate and arrive at the best social network for your blog, it is best to test several social networks until you find the one that works best for you and drives traffic to your blog.


Find and Analyze your Target Audience

Usually people focus on using one or two social media platforms, which causes the audience to be closed to only those platforms. Find the potential readers of your blog, analyze their tastes and preferences. Once you know your target audience, research the social platforms they usually browse and interact directly with your readers.


Estimate the Amount of Traffic from your Social Networks

The social media platforms that generate the most traffic to your blog website are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn

To estimate the amount of traffic from your social networks you must know your target reader perfectly.

The social media platform that drives the most traffic to your blog will depend on the content of your blog. If, for example, your blog attracts business or professional readers, you are likely to find more traffic on LinkedIn.

Once you have started generating traffic through social media platforms you will be able to do an analysis of website traffic and the type of audience viewing your blog.


Publish Old Blog Content Again

When you’ve grown your blog content, you may be able to create collections of articles on the same topic or category but not all of them will be immediately successful. Re-sharing this content will allow new people on your social networks to see these older blog posts and generate new traffic.


Adding Share Buttons on the Blog

It’s important that your blog readers find a way to easily share your content directly on their social networks. To do this, it’s a very good idea to add share buttons on your blog.

Remember to focus on only two or three social media platforms as too many buttons on your blog from different social networks could confuse the reader and will affect the speed of your page.

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