In the marketing world, content is a high-value tool for engaging, nurturing, and attracting audiences. Marketers work daily to plan, write and publish content to reach more people and grow the community of a company or business.

In today’s fast-paced world, people don’t have enough time to read or watch long-form content.

That’s why many people think that short-lived content helps to gain much more audience than long-lasting content. This is not exactly the way it is. In reality, the duration of the content depends on the interest, education, and industry you are trying to reach. As well as the platform on which that content is published.

How Long Should My Content Last to Generate More Engagement With the Audience?

To engage with your audience you need to generate both short-form and long-form content. You can get benefits from each type of content you publish. However, if your content is not planned and executed correctly, neither type of content will work.

The most important thing to engage your audience with your brand’s content is to build trust and loyalty from your followers. To do that, you need to reassure the customer throughout the buying process and stay relevant at all times.

Short-Form Content

Short-form content is content that can be consumed in a short period of time. It is usually less than 200 words. Consumers can get to know your company, products or services through this content which helps build trust in them.

One platform where short content can be created is Twitter. Through short tweets you can publicize event dates, infographics, blog posts or short videos.

The general idea of short content is to tell a story in a simple but memorable way. Write an idea that tells a story or stories of interest to your audience.

One of the reasons short content is thought to engage audiences more is because of how long it holds people’s attention. It has been found that most viewers lose interest after 10 minutes of watching or reading content.

In social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, competitive content is that which carries a striking, compelling and brief message. It is considered beneficial to then make posts with stories, short news, events or longer content excerpts.

Long-Form Content Pitfalls

Long-form content serves to keep the audience’s attention. Generally, longer content is perceived as more reliable and truthful. Audiences interested in learning more about your company or business will look for more comprehensive content that meets their need for knowledge.

However, long-form is more time-consuming as it involves a lot more research and planning, so be sure to publish well-justified content. Care should be taken when constructing long-form content as text full of meaningless words or not telling a story will become boring. Keep the ideas short and concise and add multimedia content that supports the rest of the content to keep your audience’s attention.

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