Pool Marketing Service Delivering Your Message DIRECTLY To ALL Pool Owners in Your Market

Use MarketingPal’s Pool Marketing Service to generate more Pool Service Leads by…

  1. Identifying the address of all pool owners in your market
  2. Create custom postcard for mailing (with your approval)
  3. Mail to pool owners
  4. Follow up with best in class digital marketing

All for a budget friendly $2/lead with a minimum of 500 mailers.

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We achieved 60% revenue growth with MarketingPals mailing strategy being our main driver of new business.

Jonathan Gillham

Clark Pools and Spas Collingwood

The Most Effective Marketing Dollars You Will Ever Spend!

Find Pools

MarketingPal.io’s has a proven process for finding the address for all pools in your geographic area.

Create Mailer

Let our team create a mailer that fits your brand and will covert pool owners into your customers.

Get Customers

Having the right message sent to the right potential customers at the right time is the magic of MarketingPal’s service.

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Drive More Pool Leads

Contact our experts to understand how MarketingPal’s direct mail marketing service for Pool Service Companies can help grow your business.

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Find Your Customers – Provide MarketingPal.io’s team with your target geographic region and we use a combination of AI and human reviewers to find the address for all Pools in your target region.

Send the Right Message – Let our experts create a custom mailer that is in line with your branding and is the right message at the right time for your ideal customer.

Mail & Track Results – Using MarketingPal.io’s strategy the postcard will be delivered to target pool owners and tracking is

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