How to Master Content Marketing on LinkedIn

With over 720 million users worldwide, LinkedIn can be a content marketing goldmine. And although LinkedIn is largely a B2B social media platform, B2B and B2C brands can also benefit from publishing on it when combined with a killer content strategy. With LinkedIn’s relatively new publishing platform, there are numerous ways to benefit from this social media site that has nothing to do with displaying your resume for all to see. In this article, we take a look at how to master content marketing on LinkedIn by following a few simple steps. 

Publish Quick Status Updates

While you may be more likely to post a quick status update on Facebook or Twitter, publishing a quick thought on LinkedIn can be highly beneficial in keeping your audience engaged. Of course, it’s important to make sure that your status updates are brand/business appropriate, but there’s nothing wrong with sparking a conversation with your audience or simply check in on how they’re doing to show your audience you care.

HubSpot tells us more about LInkedIn’s status update feature:

“One of LinkedIn’s most underutilized features is the “LinkedIn Status Update” (also called your “Network Update”) in your LinkedIn Profile. This is one of the best ways to stay in front of your target audience consistently. And when used correctly, these little messages pack a big punch.”

Write Once, Share Multiple Times

Blogs can be an incredibly valuable marketing tool, whose links can be shared on multiple social media platforms. However, you can technically repost your exact same blog post right on your LinkedIn profile for all to see without clicking a link – if you follow the rules. 

The Content Marketing Institute explains how you can share a blog post on LinkedIn beyond simply sharing a link:

“Do you already blog somewhere else? Share it through a LinkedIn Status post. But be sure to share it in the comments, so LinkedIn doesn’t penalize you for posting a link that takes the reader off LinkedIn. You not only have a new LinkedIn post, you’re driving traffic to your website.”

Take Advantage of LinkedIn Videos

You have likely noticed a massive increase in video content on LinkedIn or have been redirected to LinkedIn to watch a particular video. This is because LinkedIn is currently pushing its video content, with videos being given higher priority in their newsfeed.

Social Media Examiner tells us more on how you can benefit from creating video content for your LinkedIn feed:

“LinkedIn videos have a high priority in the news feed at the moment because LinkedIn is actively trying to compete with YouTube and Facebook videos as the top video platform for business content. But not everyone has time to watch a 10-minute video. Especially in a work environment, it’s not possible to listen to the audio track of your video. To overcome this, include subtitles in each video and add a summary of your video in the video description. Also use videos to promote other content on LinkedIn, such as a LinkedIn article.”

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