Looking to build brand awareness and move leads down the path to conversion and just don’t seem to be getting there? Then you’re going to want to look at how you can create more engaging marketing campaigns. Creating engaging marketing campaigns all comes down to understanding consumer responses and mindsets, so you can build your strategies based on how to best communicate with them.  In this article, we show you how to make your marketing campaigns more engaging by creating the best possible marketing campaigns for your soon-to-be customers, so you can keep your brand on top of mind for an extended period of time.

Play to their senses

In a world of Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, it’s becoming abundantly clear that focusing on visual marketing in the form of videos and pictures is the way to go. We’re in an age where we retain much more of what we see and hear versus what we read, and marketing campaigns need to adjust their strategies in order to best capture their audience’s attention. 

Webbiquity tells us more ways on how to play to your audience’s senses:

“Marketing campaigns don’t have to be limited to traditional text or image ads. Content is king, which is why video tutorials and explainer videos can work wonders. You can also create audio jingles for Spotify or local radio stations. Not only do they grab the listener’s full attention, but if the tune is catchy, the person is likely to keep humming it throughout the day.”

Show up for your audience consistently

Not only do you need to focus on what type of content you’re posting to best appeal to your audience, but also how often you’re posting content. Maintaining a lasting presence with your customers means establishing a consistent posting schedule, where you can also begin building a sense of trust.

The DuBose Group explains how establishing a posting schedule means showing up for your audience consistently:

“People purchase from brands they trust, and people trust brands that show up consistently. One way to do that is to shape expectations around how often your followers can expect to hear from you in their feeds or inboxes. Don’t bite off more than you can chew and promise new content daily if you can’t deliver on that promise. Instead, decide how often you can realistically provide valuable content and plan out your blog posts, social media updates, video content, podcasts, or email newsletters accordingly.”

Keep the conversation going

While posting consistent content is one of the best ways to show up consistently for your audience, an engaging marketing campaign also means communicating with them directly. Being quick to answer any questions and/or issues that may pop up allows you to establish genuine relationships with your customers, built on trust and understanding – just make sure you keep the conversation going.

Kellogg Insight tells us more on why highly responsive companies will always come out on top:

“Part of what it means to have an “always on” approach to marketing is that you are in constant dialogue with customers. To do this well requires frequent innovation. It also means staying relevant and responsive to customer issues as they arise. Highly responsive companies are quick to nip service problems in the bud through tactful communications—heading off public relations blunders that can quickly go viral from well-connected customers.”

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