Gone are the days when social media existed primarily to connect with long-lost friends. Today, millions are keying into the massive marketing potentials that social media offers. From individuals to corporations, from small companies to massive ones, from old organizations to new ones, social media has become a powerful means of reaching out to prospective and substantive customers and clients.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that individuals and businesses alike use to stay in touch and maintain a great profile. With the ability to reach an unlimited number of people, digital marketers are taking advantage of the changing face of communication, deploying the latest tools as creatively as possible.

One such tool is Instagram Story Highlights.

What are Instagram Story Highlights?

Instagram Story Highlights, if well used, can be the key to your business success. That is because it’s the first thing visitors to your page see just below your bio information. 

Instagram Story Highlight is a powerful tool because it is a permanent feature, unlike Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories are designed to disappear after a day (24 hrs) because they are meant to be immediate. 

However, Instagram was forced to update Stories after several complaints from those who expressed disappointment that the quality of information and effort put into their stories makes its disappearance after just 24 hours quite unbearable.

Highlights are meant to make some Stories permanent on your profile. In simple terms, they have selected stories that you can pin into a folder visible on your profile. What’s more? You can creatively name these Highlights in a way to further draw attention to them.

So if there’s information you’ll want visitors to keep seeing, Instagram Stories Highlights is designed for you. You may want to give it your best shot because it would be seen for as long as possible.

As a marketer who wishes to engage your clients interestingly and engagingly, Highlights provides the opportunity to keep them updated through creative stories that won’t disappear. You can also showcase innovations and products as well as organize your content in a way that keeps your content fresh and exciting.

Creating Instagram Story Highlights 

Creating Instagram Highlights is quite simple. There are two ways of doing this. 

One, you can turn an active story into a highlight by manually saving it. Tap on the Highlight button from the active story, tap the plus (+) icon, which immediately creates the new Highlight, which you can name at once. Tap “Add” or “Done“, depending on whether your phone is Android or an iPhone, to complete the process.

Otherwise, you can enable Archiving of your stories. Your stories would therefore be saved even after they’re no longer visible. That way, you can access your Stories even after they disappear. From your Instagram profile, tap StoryHighlights and then tap the plus (+) icon to allow you to select the specific stories you want to be highlighted and then name the Highlight. 

To complete, tap Done or Add.

Once Highlights are created, they are visible just below your bio text and profile photo.

Remember, you can edit your Highlights at any time to add or delete stories. To do this, press and hold the highlight you wish to edit, and then tap “Edit Highlight”  to choose stories you want to add or delete.

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