How to Create a Successful B2B Webinar Strategy in 2021

Have you considered using webinars as part of your marketing strategy for your B2B company? While this type of marketing is not often first considered when it comes to building a brand’s marketing strategy, this can often be the final step in converting a potential lead. In fact, 73% of B2B marketing and sales leaders say webinars are the best way to generate high-quality leads. So, why are webinars so effective, and how can your B2B business get started? In this article, we investigate the strategic pillars that you need to consider when building a B2B webinar.

Why are Webinars Such a Powerful B2B Marketing Tool?

With webinars requiring an extensive amount of research, support, and promotion, why should your B2B business even bother with webinars? Well, webinars work, for a start. And if you’re willing to put in the effort involved, they can mean an increase in conversion rates for your business.

Gilles Bertaux, co-founder and CEO of gives his take on what makes webinars so effective for B2B marketing on

“In 2017, 66% of marketers said that webinars were one of the most effective tactics for B2B marketing. And they work for every aspect of B2B marketing, including lead generation, sales, conversion, even customer success. But the main key, Gilles says, is that webinars are scalable. You can only host so many different 1 on 1 sales calls or meetings. But with a webinar, you can teach people about a specific topic to hundreds, if not thousands of people all at once.”

How to Create a Successful Webinar Strategy

Several strategic pillars go into creating a successful webinar strategy. The following are some of the most important aspects of developing a successful B2B webinar strategy.

Understand Your Audience

It’s important to make sure that you’ve conducted your research, and thoroughly understand your target audience before building a webinar. While it’s more than likely you’ve already done this research, you must decide how you will best deliver genuine value to this group by way of this unique type of marketing.

Digital Litmus explains how understanding your audience is essential to building an effective webinar strategy:

“Once you have a clear view on who you’re targeting, you need to think about their key needs, the problems they regularly face and potential solutions. This will help identify which topics are likely to deliver value and play a key role in how you build your webinar campaign. With an understanding of your audience’s challenges, you next need to evaluate your current relationship with them. Do you have a set of target accounts and prospects you’re trying to engage with or are you aiming at prospects with whom you already have some form of relationship? The answers to these questions will all influence how you deliver value and build the acquisition side of your campaign.”

Develop Your Strategy

Now that you’ve established your target audience, you must then develop your strategy around this information. Several pillars must be considered when building a successful B2B webinar strategy, starting with your webinar’s goal and ending with the platform you will use to produce your webinar. tells us more about the pillars that must be considered when developing your webinar strategy:

“A B2B webinar strategy is the framework that will help you define your goals and align your actions with the resources you have. Although it may sound sophisticated, your strategy doesn’t have to be a 50-slide PowerPoint — it can be a small document that incorporates the most important elements and the direction you want to take.

Your B2B webinar strategy should include some of the following components: 

  • Your webinar goal
  • Webinar formats 
  • Your audience profile and its segmentation
  • The type of content you’ll cover 
  • The speakers you’ll invite
  • Ways to promote your webinar
  • Your webinar platform”

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