B2B means “business to business” and refers to businesses or companies that offer products and services to other businesses. B2B marketing is naturally thought to be more difficult than B2C marketing because of the target audience. Building a B2B social strategy, therefore, has to be more strategic.

How to Build a B2B Social Strategy

The goals that measure the effectiveness of a B2B social media marketing strategy will be different from that of B2C marketing. While B2C companies are able to make sales and reach their target audience directly on social media, it is not as straightforward with B2B marketing. And while social media alone may not cut it for B2B marketing, it can make a lot of difference.

Building a successful B2B social strategy has to be deliberate. However, it is difficult for you to grow any business at all on social media without having a plan.

Social media has created many bridges for all kinds of marketing, and B2B marketers have a fair share of that. Opening up opportunities that were not possible a few years ago, social media helps your brand to have that personal feel and relate better with prospective and present clients. 

Let’s take a look at how you can build an effective B2B marketing strategy that is not boring.

Define your strategy

For B2B companies, it is believed that three issues should define their social strategy:

  • Building brand credibility
  • Enlightenment of the public
  • Building brand visibility

This way, the strategy should project your products and services and give the public a window into what your company is about. You should also be deliberate to ensure credibility, as trust rests on credibility. 

Give life to your products/services

By this, we mean giving a human face to your products. For products and services that are already very technical, create deliberate engagements and interactions that give life to them and keep the people interested and informed.

Choose your platforms wisely

There are several social media platforms available to choose from. However, not all of them can be deployed in the same way. Depending on what your target audience is, choose your platforms wisely. Twitter would be excellent at reacting to customer questions and complaints. Instagram and Facebook would help you showcase new products and highlight human-angle stories. 

As a professional networking platform, LinkedIn is quite popular among B2B marketers. It helps you reach potential customers on the platform looking for products and services while also providing information about your company. 

Indeed, you can’t prioritize one platform over another.

Closely monitor your competitors

You need to keep a close tab on your competitors and creatively engage them once in a while. If you’re creative about engaging your competitors, you will draw more attention to your brand. However, you need to be careful and strategic about it. Nevertheless, monitoring them gives you the ideas you need to remain relevant.

Prioritize quality content

On all your social media platforms, invest in generating quality content. Content is King. In addition, no one can ignore quality. Creating brand visibility is easy and possible only when quality content is always on the table.


Developing a social strategy for B2B marketing is not as difficult as it seems. If you follow these steps, you will make a lot of difference in such a short time.

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