How COVID-19 Has Changed the Way We Use Social Media

Prior to 2020, cutting down on social media and making more time for real-life connections was a priority for many. Then COVID-19 happened, and all those plans to set yourself limits for how many hours of screen time you were allowed a day and creating more opportunities to get out of the house and be social were flipped on their backside.

Social media and online communication then became the only way to be social. According to a September 2020 survey, social media consumption had increased by 72% and posting by 43% during the pandemic. Due to this massive shift in usage, old social media strategies needed to be reexamined, and our focus as content creators needs to be shifted. In this article, we take a look at how COVID-19 has changed the way we use social media.

Social Media For News

Of course, it will come as no surprise that the public is now largely turning to social media as their news outlet. Turning to social media rather than more traditional news sources allows the public to receive information on their terms, in a world seemingly full of bad news. By keeping themselves informed via social media, they can then decide if they wish to research further on the topic.

Global Web Index tells us more about the concept of “doomscrolling” and how it has now become a prominent part of our days:

“Since we started tracking social media behaviors back in 2014, news consumption on these platforms has been steadily growing, but the outbreak has put this habit front-and-center. “Doomscrolling” (reading a long stream of disheartening headlines on social media) may enter our dictionaries soon, which reinforces how influential it’s been as a news source throughout the crisis. Demand for up-to-date information in the early stages of the crisis was unparalleled, with social media providing quick and easy access to relevant updates.”

Social Media For Connection & Comfort

Stuck at home with little other than your social media feed for company, finding connection and comfort is quickly becoming one of our top priorities throughout the day. The feeling of isolation is real when you’re stuck in the house day after day and all of us are desperate to overcome it. Turning to social media has been one of the easiest ways to connect with others and share comforting messages, inspiration, and a sense of community. As a content creator or online business, finding new ways to interact with your customers while showing a sense of empathy is incredibly important for keeping your relationship going. tells us more on how to create content that provides comfort and helps strengthen your community:

“…marketers would do well to find ways to create and strengthen communities through dedicated branded groups and niche communities. Generate comforting content that makes people feel they are not alone in their difficulties, also ensuring that content is easy to share and hospitable to discussion so that people can connect with each other around it.” 

Social Media For Creativity & Entertainment

Social media quickly became one of the best (and only) ways to stay entertained online, with social media users turning to their platforms to keep them occupied and of course, make them laugh. Not only is the public turning to others’ content to find entertainment, but they are spending more time being creative and producing their own content as well. tells us more about the public’s increased need for posts that provide entertainment:

“Overall, there has been a movement toward posts that showcase creativity and aim to entertain. Social media users in the United States spent over 90% more time using apps to create and edit visuals post-pandemic than they did previously, and 42% of Gen Z users report wanting a greater volume of “fun” content in their feeds.”

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