How Content Marketing Has Changed in 2020

Not so long ago, content marketing was limited to just a blog post on a website. Most blog hosting sites have always been free, so it would cost virtually nothing to create a post and share your experience on a specific topic, service, or product. And if you were one of the first websites on the scene to market content, you were probably pretty relevant and well-known. This meant that people were likely to buy your product or refer a friend to your site.

In the year 2020, content marketing has become a field filled with fierce competition. Content creators need to set themselves apart from others in order to be successful, and this means changing your strategy when it comes to content marketing. 

What Are Content Marketing Strategies?

Content marketing strategies are various ways you can create and distribute content to reach a larger audience.

Content marketing strategies include:

  • Hiring an influencer to share your posts
  • Creating short-form and long-form posts
  • Designing visuals and sharing them on social media
  • Maximizing SEO (search engine optimization) to rank on SERPs (search engine results pages)
  • Creating landing pages, call to actions, newsletters, etc.

Not only will these strategies help you maximize the audience you will reach, but they also increase the likelihood that a customer will return to your site.

Neil Patel of explains content marketing perfectly when he says: 

“In the world of content marketing, the customer doesn’t care about you and your good plans. They care about their challenges. They expect you to at least provide answers to some of their questions, if not all. Start by getting to know them as well as you can. This will take some time, no matter what tool you decide to use.” 

Content Marketing Strategies That Work in 2020

With so many people working from home and social distancing this year, the target for viewers has never been greater, but this is only successful if you know how to market your content.

If you haven’t incorporated a podcast into your website, now is the time. Podcasts have taken off in 2020 and you don’t even need expensive audio recording equipment to make one. There are even some smartphone applications that allow you to record, edit, and publish your podcast all within the app. Podcasts made on these apps can be played on most audio streaming apps, like Spotify and iTunes.

Next thing you know, you have reached an audience that you otherwise would not have been able to reach.

Josh Steimle at Forbes writes:

“Videos and podcasts are a largely untapped form of content marketing because people think it’s expensive and hard. But with the falling cost of professional-grade equipment creating high-quality video and audio content is easier than ever.”

Amateur video content marketing has been used to sell blenders, launch new dental products, and market Hong Kong visa consulting services. What video could you throw together for your company that might change your fortunes overnight? It might be easier than you think.”

How to Make Content Marketing Successful in 2020

In addition to podcasts, it is also helpful to include videos, infographics, and webinars on your website. Much of your target audience may be unable to read through thousands of words of information and would rather get the information through a podcast or video. Now is the time to make this happen.

Creating podcasts and videos does not require a large investment, and the return on investment (ROI) can yield great results. Plus, there’s a good chance your competition is already producing podcast episodes and scheduled videos, so there truly is no time to waste.

Solomon Thimothy discusses what to expect in the future of content marketing in his article, “How Content Marketing has Changed and What to Expect in the Future”:

“Users have a wider range of options when it comes to content, which means content marketing needs to expand to fit all those individual needs. A brand can’t get away with just writing blog posts. Instead, they need videos, webinars, podcasts, and more.”

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