Content Marketing Trends To Watch in 2021

We all have hopes and speculations about how this new year will change. Will we be able to go anywhere without a mask? Will traveling become an option again? And will content marketing trends change in 2021? While this last question may not exactly fit it on the level of importance, it’s certainly something that we have been wondering about. Content marketers are brainstorming about how they should market to their audiences this year, with several changes to be expected – many of which have been heavily influenced by the past year. In this article, we take a look at content marketing trends to watch in 2021, including what your customers want, what they expect to see, and why they want to see it. 

Building Content Communities

Keeping connected remotely has become more important than we ever thought. While working from home seemed like a dream job before the pandemic, it is now an active and encouraged part of our everyday lives. With all of this remote interaction, focusing on building content communities and bringing people together through the power of social media is one of the most powerful moves content marketers can make.

Céillie Clark-Keane of WordStream tells us why building content communities are shaping up to be the number one trend this year:

“The biggest content marketing trend to try in 2021 isn’t a surprise. With the rise of Slack communities across tech and the focus on personalization in marketing during the pandemic, building communities has been a push for marketing teams all year. But building communities specifically around content sharing and creation will allow marketing teams to continue to expand their reach, even with fewer resources.”

Topical Authority Will Replace Keyword Research

While content marketers used to place heavy emphasis on keyword research, this step is becoming less important with each passing day. While strategically placed keywords may have previously been one of the top ways to drive traffic, topical authority is shaping up to take over. explains why expertise is proving to be more important in 2021 than the previously effective keyword research: 

“How well do you know the subjects you speak about on your website? Google will be placing more emphasis on depth of expertise compared to other factors such as link building. Backlinking was once the primary factor when it came to building authority in the SEO landscape but now expertise is growing even more in importance.” 

Voice Search Will Evolve How Content Marketing Sounds

While many of us may have taken a while to hop on the voice-command bandwagon, artificial intelligence such as Siri and Alexa have pushed us to make our lives just that little bit easier. But with a growing number of users becoming more dependent on these popular voice assistance, you may want to consider adapting your content to a more natural, spoken language. 

Michael Brenner of Marketing Insider Group tells us why content marketers are going to want to start considering the use of virtual assistants if they want their content to be found first:

“Screenless search is something that millions do every day. They simply ask their digital assistant a question without needing to look at a smartphone or PC. Voice search accounts for at least 20% of all searching and is growing. This will cause a shift in content because how we speak is not always in alignment with how we write. You’ll want to take time to adapt content to natural language search, which means including questions and answers. To write in this style, include complete, full-sentence questions. Use long-tail keywords in titles and headers. To take advantage of “near me” searches, optimize the natural language of the pages or posts you rank for with these search terms.“

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