Case Study:

When Clark Pools and Spas was bought by its current owner, it was struggling to attract new customers. Recognizing that they needed a marketing overhaul, they brought on board to employ a two-pronged marketing strategy that resulted in more visibility, more leads, and a 60% increase in service business.


The Challenge

A lot has changed in the 30 years Clark Pools and Spas has been operating out of Collingwood and the surrounding area. The traditional marketing strategies that have worked in the past are just not enough these days, requiring businesses to also incorporate digital marketing methods if they are looking to remain competitive.

This is exactly what the new owners realized when they bought this family-owned pool business. They knew that they would need to re-energize the brand and its marketing strategy if they wanted to see an increase in sales and revenue.

However, their situation presented a unique challenge: their marketing strategy would need to not only be cost-effective and measurable, but also targeted to both residential and commercial customers. And fortunately, was able to develop a two pronged approach to help them achieve these goals.


The Solution

Once was brought on board, a cost-effective, measurable marketing strategy that combined both direct mail and digital marketing was put into action. Using proprietary technology and a unique process to identify all homes in the service area that have a pool, developed a direct mail campaign that targeted these homeowners with a personalized letter and a special offer to entice them to try the business.

The campaign was designed to both showcase the expertise of the business and create a connection with potential customers. After all, a customer doesn’t just want to work with a business that knows what they’re doing – they want one that is willing to provide a top-notch customer experience.

At the same time, implemented a world-class digital marketing strategy that would help get Clark Pools and Spas noticed online. This strategy included

Direct Mailer sent out to 1000+ pool owners in Clark Pool’s Service Area

weekly social media posts, monthly blog posts, and targeted online advertising. These were all optimized for search engines to attract more traffic to the Clark Pools and Spas Collingwood website.

The goals for this campaign were to create a strong online presence for the business while allowing them to easily engage with customers on a regular basis. Engagement is critical to building connections with customers and keeping a brand top-of-mind, making this an essential part of their marketing strategy and goals.

The Result

The results of’s two-pronged approach were impressive. Within its first year of being bought by the new owners, the combination of direct mail and digital marketing efforts resulted in a 60% increase in service business for Clark Pools and Spas Collingwood.

And it’s not like one approach particularly outshined the other – both methods yielded fantastic results. The direct mail campaign was a huge success, with many homeowners responding positively to the personalized letter and special offer. And the digital marketing strategy certainly did its part as well, generating more followers, more store and web traffic, and increasing customer engagement with the business.


But perhaps the best part? They didn’t even have to break the bank to do it! The cost of this strategy was also very reasonable, making it an excellent return on investment for the business and their new owners.


Indeed, the partnership between and Clark Pools and Spas Collingwood has been a successful one. With’s expertise in direct mail and digital marketing strategies, Clark Pools and Spas Collingwood has been able to grow its customer base and stand out in the competitive marketplace.

Today, Clark Pools and Spas Collingwood continues to work with to develop and execute marketing strategies that will help the business maintain its growth and achieve its long-term goals. And with MarketingPal’s commitment to helping small businesses achieve their marketing goals at an affordable price, it is sure to be a successful partnership for years to come.


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