5 Ways to Get Results From B2B Video Marketing

There’s no denying the popularity of online videos, with 74% of adults in the U.S. alone enjoying YouTube on a regular basis. YouTube’s beginnings in 2005 sparked the start of the video resolution, with more than 1 billion hours of YouTube videos watched every day. Content marketers have taken notice of the mass popularity of video content, and have found innovative and unique ways to apply it to their online marketing. In this article, we take a look at how video marketing is becoming the top marketing strategy for B2B companies, as well as 5 ways B2B companies use video content to get results. 

Keep it Short and Sweet

Keeping it short and sweet is an essential part of video marketing that should not be overlooked. And to put it bluntly – our attention spans are getting shorter by the day. With the emergence and now incredible popularity of TikTok and its 15 to 60-second videos, marketers must find a way to strongly convey their message in a matter of seconds. 

LeedFeeder.com explains why keeping it short and sweet is incredibly important to successful video marketing:

“When it comes to written content., longer content tends to be better for traffic and conversions. For video, though? Short and sweet is the way to go. A 2018 study found that 75 percent of videos produced by B2Bs are less than two minutes, compared with just 56 percent in 2017.”

Be a Resource 

Being able to educate your audience while keeping your content fun and to the point is a great way to see success from B2B video marketing. In an increasingly competitive world regardless of industry, customers want answers – and they want them now. If you are able to provide the answers they seek in a digestible way that is also entertaining, then you’re already one step ahead of the game.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

A large part of the reason why we turn to video content is to make us laugh. And if a B2B company can make a viewer laugh while getting their message across, they’re much more likely to convert this viewer into a paying customer.

Convince & Convert tells us more about why laughter is always the best medicine:

“B2B companies like to give the idea of “humor” in their marketing the brush-off. “What about my stakeholders?” “What if my target audience is elderly?” “What if my CEO doesn’t get it?” These are legitimate concerns. However, remember that old saying that laughter is the best medicine? It’s not unfounded. People of all ages and backgrounds can appreciate a chance to smile. And it’s important to remember that you don’t have to go full-on comedy to make people laugh. It can be small moments of humor, like poking fun at yourself or at a common problem that customers have.”

Authenticity Matters 

Now more than ever, customers want to see that brands can relate to their struggles, providing a solution that shows a level of emotion and vulnerability. By using video marketing, brands are able to show that they care in a way that is up close and personal.

Vidyard.com explains why authenticity matters more now than ever before when it comes to video marketing:

“How long have you heard that it’s important to be authentic and “humanize” your brand? The pandemic has really shown us why this video marketing trend rings true. Everyone has been through the wringer in 2020 and we’re already past the last straw for indulging impersonal, inauthentic marketing material. We all saw what felt like a million emails early in the pandemic from brands saying, “we care,” but at this point, we know that the follow-through is what counts.”

Make it an Experience

One of the most powerful aspects of video marketing is its ability to take you somewhere that you’ve never been before. And while photos can only take you so far, video marketing allows you to take customers on a virtual experience, giving them a first-hand look into how their products are being made, or how their services are carried out. 

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