3 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Social Media Manager

In recent years, the demand for Social Media Managers has drastically increased, with many finding gainful employment in this rewarding career. Social Media Managers now play an essential role in the marketing strategies and promotion of brands and organizations. And with social media use and engagement constantly growing, companies who do not implement a solid social media strategy can quickly fall by the wayside. 

So, what is the benefit of hiring a Social Media Manager for your business? Wouldn’t it just be easier (and less expensive) to do it yourself? In this article, we take a look at 3 important reasons why your brand or organization needs a dedicated social media manager and how you can greatly benefit as a result.

The Social Landscape is Always Changing

If you’re a busy business owner, it’s likely that keeping on top of the ever-changing social media landscape is not at the top of your list of priorities. It is a Social Media Manager’s job to keep on top of the latest updates and changes when it comes to the online world and it is also their job to ensure that they’re implementing these changes into your content.

SearchEngineJournal.com explains the value of having a Social Media Manager on your side when it comes to changing trends and algorithms:

“A social media manager can keep track of any algorithm changes and new trends within the platform, but also adapt your strategy and the content based on the latest updates. A social media manager can take in what changes are either happening or soon to take place, and be agile, so can go back to the drawing board with their clients and change campaign objectives, and content to provide continued success with regards to their goals.”

Experts Save You Time

While it may seem like writing a simple post only takes a few moments of your day, this is simply not true if you’re looking to build a social media strategy that works. Sure, you can take a photo and write a simple caption to go with your post – but don’t expect it to help your business. The research and strategizing behind your social media posts takes time, never mind making sure that you have killer content to post in the first place. 

Danger Dynamite tells us more on how hiring a Social Media Manager will free up your time to focus on other aspects of your business:

“You are the expert in your industry and it took you time and experience to get there. When it comes to pro-social media management agencies, it is no different. With proven strategies for increasing brand awareness and engagement, the guesswork and risk of unanticipated pitfalls is taken out for you. Your time is valuable, are you willing to sacrifice another area of business for social media management? Some of the many roles social media managers take off of your plate include keeping a watchful eye on your accounts day-to-day, personalizing your reputation, evaluating trends, creating and curating content, conducting time-consuming content research, and scheduling posts in a streamlined process.”

Consistent Social Content

If a business is only posting a couple of times a month on their social media, odds are, they’re not exactly grabbing your attention. Avid social media users will research brands on social media, looking to find out more and take a look at the new products they have to offer without having to browse their website. By hiring a Social Media Manager, it is their priority to make sure that they are posting frequently on each of your social media platforms. Not only to promote your current products or services but to make sure that your brand is not going stale. 

BizHumm.com explains the benefits of posting consistently on each social media platform:

“Posting consistently will help you build your social media following. If you’re currently having a difficult time attracting new followers, posting on a regular basis could be the change you need to make. For instance, Google+ users who posted consistently and then decreased their frequency saw their traffic drop up to 50%. This is why it is important to stay steady when it comes to social!”

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