3 Proven B2B Content Marketing Tactics for Your Business

If you haven’t already been using B2B content marketing for your business, it’s probably that last piece of the puzzle that you’ve been missing. The idea of B2B content marketing is simple – it is a set of strategies that are centered around distributing content. This content is created to promote awareness of the brand, generate leads and engage your audience, with the end result (hopefully) being an increase in sales. While creating content may seem fairly straightforward, it does need to be adjusted each sales cycle due to changing trends in virtually every industry. We’re going to take a look at 3 proven B2B content marketing tactics for your business, so you can be on your way to killing it in the marketing department.

1. Make Sure Your User Experience is On Point

While creating a killer piece of content (or rather several, consistent pieces of killer content) is important, so is your customer’s user experience. You need to make sure that every interaction a user has with your website is top-notch, which goes well beyond content.

Neil Patel discusses why a positive user experience leads to brand loyalty and ultimately, increased sales on Neilpatel.com:

“Your audience needs to connect with your brand in some way, and your brand has to differentiate itself from the competition through your use of content marketing. If you’re at all confused, just think of it this way. Creating a moderately valuable piece of content is good. Creating highly engaging content that a variety of different customers can identify with is great. User experience matters for the simple reason that it leads to brand loyalty. And brand loyalty matters because it’s the difference between selling a smartphone and selling an iPhone.”

2. Create Buyer Personas

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer. By creating a buyer persona, you can develop one or several “characters” that are based on actual market research and facts, as well as assumptions you may have about your target audience. By taking the time to create these personas, you’ll grow to understand who you should be marketing your products and services towards, and also be able to produce valuable content that is perfectly tailored towards them.

Danielle Wiley of Forbes.com talks about why creating buyer personas is important for your B2B content marketing strategy:

“By investing the effort upfront into understanding the people you’re selling to, buyer personas will become your North Star for developing targeted, valuable content. These personas should also highlight any pain points you’re trying to address by identifying buyer motivations, challenges, and goals.”

3. Create Story-Driven Content

Creating story-driven content means not acting like a robot. At the end of the day, no matter who your target audience is, they’re people just like you. They don’t want to be relayed a bunch of technical information – they want a story that they can relate to and that will connect them on a personal level to your product or service.

Syed Balkhi discusses why you should be creating story-driven content on Entrepreneur.com:

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