3 Content Marketing Skills That Will Only Get More Important

Whether you’re a content marketer yourself or thinking of hiring one, certain skills will never go out of style. And while the ability to write carefully crafted articles is important as a content marketer, this is not the only skill that is necessary to succeed. In this article, we take a look at 3 content marketing skills that will only get more important to excel as a content marketer in 2021 and beyond.


Being a content marketer does not just mean writing lengthy blog posts. Copywriting is also an important part of content writing, which often only requires short, concise sentences. While this may sound like a breeze compared to blog posts of 1,000 words or more, conveying a brand’s entire message in only one long-form sentence can be a challenge, and requires a great amount of creativity and skill. Copywriting also requires the ability to alter your writing style to a brand’s tone and voice, while fulfilling their business needs and connecting with their target audience.

Hubspot tells us more about why skills as a copywriter are important as a content marketer: 

“More likely than not, the vast majority of your role as a content marketer requires you to create content that converts leads and drives sales. To do this successfully, you need to be a good copywriter. However, it’s important to note — copywriting for marketing purposes requires different skills than it might if you were writing for non-business purposes. For one, copywriting for a business requires a consistent commitment to writing in a brand’s unique voice. This can get particularly difficult if you’re a freelance content marketer who creates content for different businesses and industries. However, it’s critical you develop the ability to write in different styles depending on the needs of a business.”

Knowing How to Crunch Data

While content marketers do not exactly need to perform complex math equations, they are expected to know how to conduct research and calculate statistics. As a content marketer, the ability to produce original content by collecting your own data on the topic at hand is incredibly valuable. Plus, taking this extra time can result in a good amount of backlinks to your original research.

Neil Patel explains why knowing how to crunch data is a highly valuable skill for content marketers:

“Content writers aren’t expected to be mathematicians. But for successful content marketing specialists, crunching data is as important as weaving stories with their words. First, writing data-driven posts inspires trust and garners more shares on social media. You can conduct personal experiments and roll them into an interesting, as well as insightful, piece of content. I regularly analyze my writing efforts and craft blog posts about my results. A great content marketing specialist will likely do the same.”


Knowing how to edit is an incredibly valuable skill for a content writer. Not only will advanced editing skills produce fantastic results, but will also eliminate the need for others to edit additional work, allowing the entire system to run like a well-oiled machine.

The Digital Marketing Institute tells us more on why expert editing skills will make all the difference to the quality of your content:

“Every content marketer should be an expert editor. But it’s not just grammar and typos you should look out for. When creating a blog post, for example, it’s important to understand how your readers consume content online. You can then edit your content accordingly. When editing your content consider the importance of creating snackable pieces that can be easily scanned and consumed on the move. This doesn’t mean you should move away from in-depth articles that add value for your audience – rather that you should learn how to break up your articles into bite-sized chunks of brilliance.”

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